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Where present wrestlers become champions!

Welcome to Jezrial's Professional Wrestling School. Here we bring you the best professional wrestling school in the state of Minnesota. We have 1 year course that teaches the basics to more advanced courses, that are 18 weeks that are meant for people that are already in Professional Wrestling Business. Please take a look around and feel free to contact us with any questions. I look forward to see you at the next training camp start.

Just remember before camp starts to get all of your priorities in order to come to camp with a level head and be ready to learn soon as camp begins. Please check the Camp's message board in the next few days to see updates on what's going on with the camp. Remember the camp message board is pass word protected and you will need to ask you're instructor for the pass word to log on./font>

Also if you are wondering when there is updates for the web site. Please take a look down below in the section marked "UPDATES"..

WebSite Updates

Classes are now in session. Please get you're health forms, or whatever you need turned in before you start camp.

Classes for 1 year course go from

March 11th 2012
March 11th 2013

Advanced 18 week course goes from

March 11th 2012
June 11th 2012

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